Autronic to realdash


What do I need to get Realdash read from my Autronic SM4?
Is it just to connect my “USB to Serial adapter” to my Android and the SM4, and then everything will work?

Thank you,
Jan Hallman

Yes, connect your USB-Serial adapter in between your ECU and Android device. Then in RealDash Garage, setup the connection to Autronic.

You meed need to activate serial stream from ECU settings. I’m not 100% of this, please check the ECU manual.

Thank’s for fast answer.
I have connected my stuff now, but it doesn’t fornme.
I do have Autronic SM4 1.07, and that should be my problem. Is there any way I could get it work anyway?

thank you,

I think lowest supported firmware version is 1.09. Consider updating the ECU firmware.

Ok. Thank you!

You need to change the chip to update firmware. After that you have to make sure Data stream is enabled in Autronic software menu M6

Thanks Daniel,

I just updated to the latest chip, and everything works just fine.
Next step is to make the my android pad to turn on and off on ignition… Any ideas on that?

thank you,
Jan Hallman

You can try the ‘Start/Shutdown on charging’ events option on Settings->Application. It does not work on all Android devices though.