Back from the DED premium dashboard

Back from the DED preview

Fancy some data? This dashboard has it. In honour of the popular Data Engineers’ Dream dashboard, we wanted to bring you something similar with a modern touch.

Back from the DED is the perfect dashboard for anyone who wants to know everything about their vehicle but also wants to burn some rubber.

The main view is designed with a big RPM gauge that gives you the kicks! Be careful with this one on public roads as speeding tickets are easy to get.

Tapping the mode button changes the view to a more minimal map view, which you can use while casually driving through your neighbourhood streets.

Tap again and DED gets you that data you wanted. With over 20 different small gauges, you see everything that is going on under the hood. And if there is something you can’t see, you can always change a few inputs to suit your liking.

This dashboard is available exclusively for My RealDash subscribers. Enjoy!

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Love the new transitions and drop shadows on this one.
Can definately see this becoming my new dash of choice.

Any chance you could add a music player mode to it at some point?

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Can’t promise right now, we’ll see.

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