Backup camera

Is it possible to stream video from a backup camera into a video gauge? It looked like you could only load a .mp4 file when I tried to set it up.

You can configure the video gauge to stream from an address. The USB cameras may or may not work as front/back camera. Also please note that Windows 10 version of RealDash does not support cameras at all.

Is it possible to add camera support in win 10?

Its been on my TODO list forever. I will try to push it to 1.6.6 release.

I have a streaming IP cam (one of the old phone, using a hotspot/tethering), installed on my car and I’d like to show the stream on my dash. Is there any tutorial about video gauge?

There is no specific tutorial for this, but basically follow these steps:

  • Edit dashboard and add a video gauge
  • With video gauge selected, go to Look & Feel->Video Gauge->Video Source
  • Select URL and tap ‘Enter URL’ button
  • Enter URL to your video stream and exit look & feel
  • Save dash

Hi again, yesterday I tried but failed.
Video stream didn’t show up on the gauge.
realdash supports RTSP ? or any protocol? Should I use mp4, Mkv format?
It would be very nice to display rear cam on realdash…

Thanks for the great work you have done for realdash.

The data stream from camera is directed straight into Android internal media player for playback, so any stream that Android is capable of playing should work.

What about Windows. I can point to a video file but no stream format I have tried works.

Camera stream is not implemented on Windows 10 at all. It is on our todo list though.

Sounds nice but can you show an example?
I use additional app to play streaming media on my tablet such as “tinyCam Monitor”. I can view the cam on this app and with the same URL settings on realdash , it doesnt work.