Bar gauge and text issue

Guys, I’m using a modified version of Super lightweight, and having an issue where ive assigned ANVolt4 to an oil pressure sender…but when I change the settings for the Normal, Warning and Critical alerts, they revert back to a previous setting. This also happens to the numeric text readout in front of the bar gauge. Its like the setting is linked permanently to the An4 volt output because even if i delete both the numeric and bar readout and start over, as soon as I assign the An4 to it, it reverts to what it was before.

So what I want it to do is the background numeric readout turn red when it reaches critical, but it stays read, even if I set everything back to background colour. Any ideas? Cheers.

Can’t find anything wrong that would cause this. Just in case, here are the steps to make a text gauge which background color changes per levels. Here is an example with RPM

  • Go to edit mode and create new text gauge
  • With gauge selected, Top menu ‘Input & Values’ and link the gauge to RPM.
  • Set the value range to 0 - 6000
  • Set Warning level to 0 - 2000
  • Set Critical level to 0 ↔ 4000 and tap upper left ‘Done’
  • With gauge selected, Top menu ‘Look’n Feel’ and select ‘Colors’ and ‘Background Color’
  • On bottom left, change editing level to ‘Warning’ (the gear icon)
  • Set Red: 255, Green: 255, Blue: 0, Opacity: 255. This makes text background turn yellow on warning level.
  • On bottom left, change editing level to ‘Critical’
  • Set Red: 255, Green: 0, Blue: 0, Opacity: 255. This makes text background turn red on ciritcal level.
  • Tap upper left button until back in dashboard. Save the dashboard.

Note that if you go back to Look’n and Feel and change the background color while your editing level is set to ‘All’, your new values will override all other editing levels.

Hope this helps.

Thankyou. This is exactly how I was doing it though.

If I set my Fuel pressure bar to show a Warning Orange colour (as in I want it to be red, the orange then green from left to right), it sets the whole bar to Orange, even if I change the data for when the warning level initiates. Seems to only do it with the Fuel pressure and oil pressure and nothing else.

So my settings are:
Link ANV5
Min - 0 Max - 100
Below 40 Warning level - 0 Equal and above
Below 30 Critical level - 100 Equal and above

Now if I set the warning level to Orange, the whole bar goes orange and ignores the Normal and Critical colours, even if I reassign them, to Greed and red.
What I want is Orange to flash at below 40 and red to flash below 30

At the moment, its all green until the 30, then flashes red.

The above will make the gauge to stay on warning level all the time. Use something like 40 ↔ 101.