Barebones android device to run realdash & nothing else, what's out there?

Hi there,

After searching through the forums, I can see a variety of devices, khadas VIM, raspberry pi etc used with realdash, but here’s my question.

What is the simplest device to just run realdash? Data will come from CAN via meatpi over bluetooth or wireless (although if the hardware supported it, direct connection) and I have the XML stream format sorted for that.

An ideal piece of hardware would have an integrated screen, 3" to 5", fastboot, maybe CAN hardware integrated, fast enough to run realdash smoothly, if there were something with an automotive capable power supply, that’d be even better.

This may sound like a “just search” type question, but with the wide variety of hardware available & the frequency of updated product offerings, staying informed of what’s out there isn’t easy.

At the moment, Android phones are a decent enough solution, but far from optimal.

Any advice would be greatfully received.

Many thanks,

Joying makes decent inexpensive Android head units that boot quickly, have USB (for a CAN adapter – the integrated CAN is locked out), good touchscreen, and an automotive power supply. The single DIN units are compact enough to mount easily and most if not all have a cable for remote mounting the display.