Benztown gearbox


I have Benztown dash board, and for unknown reason the gearbox box not moving when change from N to R.

Any idea?

I made re position for notification area to match with LCD display size.


animation of motion is rigidly tied to coordinates, changing the coordinates of an object, animation stops working!

Thanks, i will keep it as it is. :smile: No time at all


I download a new benztown dashboard to test, same issue the box is not moving.



Could you please test Benz dash?

Ok, I will take a look.

Any update please?

Have not got time to check this yet. This is on 1.9.4 task list though.

How is your gear input set up? We tested this, and at least when gear is in calculated mode the box moves as expected into ‘R’ and ‘N’ and on top of the gear number.