Best device for LinkECU G4X trackcar

Hi all,

I’m setting up a Subaru GC8 as a trackcar using a LinkECU G4X. I’m interested in Realdash to make a cheap racing dash as the big brands on the market are expensive.
What would be the best device for a trackday car?
Android devices have the disadvantage of not starting and shutting down with the car. I can do electronics soldering but I’ve never coded before.

Any help would be appreciated :blush:

please check my spec file


I use a $100 Amazon Fire 8 tablet in my racecar. With the wifi turned off, I have days and days of standby time without charging the tablet. You can configure RealDash to turn off the screen when charging is removed. Worst case scenario your tablet battery depletes and it takes a couple of minutes to boot when you start the car back up and begin charging. Given that the next best solution is $500+ I’m happy with this.


Thank you for your proposition ! It’s actually a nice device but I’m trying to keep the cost down so I’ll look for cheaper projects for now.

Good to know, thanks for the tip.
Can you display oil pressure, oil temperature and EGT? Is yes witch theme do you use?

At the moment ive got realdash running on a raspberry pi 4, using a aliexpress screen and connecting to my hontata ecu using bluetooth. Whole setup has cost me £100 and works great!

theres not much info about hondata and realdash connectivity so has been a bit of a project so thats the only struggle for me but should be good for what your doing!