best way to connect

Hello, what is the best way to connect through which I can get all the features. I have obd2

OBDLink MX Bluetooth (old)
Firmware Version: 4.7.5

What are the best communication devices and all the features in the program work with
I want to unlock all the features

Your OBDLink MX will work just fine.

To unlock ‘All’ features is not that much dependent on your adapter, but the fact that you have to find all PIDs that are specific to your vehicle. Or alternatively you your adapter as CAN reader and figure out all CAN messages and their contents. Unfortunately we do not have extensive list of vehicle specific PIDs or CAN frames, so you have to source them from someplace or scan them by your self.

Hello, how can I scan and extract vehicle PIDs for me? What are the tools and programs? I do not know much. Please tell me how the method works. Please allow details. I am sorry that I am a lot of questions
The program is very beautiful and has a lot of features and settings that I would like to learn so that I can teach and spread it among my friends

We always use direct CAN connection and use RealDash CAN monitor feature to start mapping out the data. There may be a better and more efficient way, but for us, its like staring into the ‘matrix’ to see how CAN data is responding to the RPM, speed and other changes. Usually staring this data for couple of days is enough to map all parameters in the CAN data. :open_mouth: :nerd:

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Thanks for the clarification . Do you recommend this device to monitor and extract data or is there another device you recommend?

CL1000: CAN Bus Logger

Check the RealDash supported CAN adapter list:

We use a lot the Seedstudio USB adapter. Its fast, configurable and has been reliable.

OBDLink adapter is a nice option as it can also be used as OBD2 adapter, but the CAN data rate is little bit slower and writing to CAN is really slow. But for scanning your car it works fine.

GitHub - Seeed-Studio/Seeed_Arduino_CAN: Seeed Arduino CAN-BUS library - MCP2518FD&MCP2515&MCP2551 or
GitHub - autowp/arduino-mcp2515: Arduino MCP2515 CAN interface library
read here for begin… for can-sniffer find “wxCAN Sniffer”

If you haven’t discovered how to monitor and extract data yet, I recommend you take a look at this; - which might help you in the long run.