Big Changes coming in Apple CarPlay

iOS16 has some big changes where car play will be used for the whole car display including gauges HVAC control etc.

I wonder if this wil change the dial on the possibility to get ReaklDash working in there, probably not, but it’s interesting.

Reply from Apple to our application for CarPlay:

"Dear Developer,

Thank you for your interest in CarPlay.

At this time the CarPlay automaker app category is limited to apps that are published by the manufacturer of the vehicle.

CarPlay Developer"

I think more of what he’s saying is that Apple CarPlay appears to be making some changes to run the CarPlay experience in many different areas, like running CarPlay on the dashboard, in iOS 16. It might be something where we will be able to CarPlay data out and use it inside RealDash. For example using Apple navigation on the dashboard, not necessarily using RealDash inside CarPlay.

I’d like to think positive on this, but I doubt Apple will give access to all that without CarPlay developer access.

Well, remains to be seen. If it will be public interface for all developers, I’d assume that integration to RealDash is pretty straight forward.

I’m surprised for someone talking about RealDash and CarPlay! I thought that I was the only one that think about that. Looking at this forum I see no one asking for development of iOS version of RealDash. It seems that I am the only person that use RealDash with CarPlay and I feel bat asking for features for iOS. Thanks for the post. I will see what future reserve to us!

mentions a new IOS16 categorie “CarPlay Driving Task App”…wouldn’t that be a perfect fit?

Few posts up you can see the reply from Apple. RealDash is not accepted into Apple CarPlay program, so it is somewhat pointless to speculate.

When you got the reply was before Apple announced the changes coming to CarPlay.

I can’t remember honestly. I can always re-apply, but would not keep expectations high though.

I would probably look over the API documentation that is released for the upcoming versions of iOS to see what has changed in the API before just re-applying.