Binding a numeric value to the video timeline

I propose to make a revolutionary and relatively uncomplicated new feature.
Its essence is to be able to match the video scale and any input numerical value. Similar to what we would take for the slider in the video player and drag by moving our video to the desired position.
Likewise our value will be able to move our animated (MP4) to the desired position!
Very nice effects can be achieved!
This will add something new to RealDash!

Do you mean moving the gauge to new position, or move the playback position of the video?

If you want to move (or fade) the gauge, it works exactly the same way as with any other gauge. The instructions to make these animations is here:

No, no, no. I mean just changing the Time section on the video.
Let’s say the video lasts 200 milliseconds, and the speed of the car is 200 km / h.
if the speed is 10 km, then the video goes to the 10 millisecond mark, if 100 km / h-the video is at the 100 millisecond mark.

Will I be able to create a beautiful 3D animation this way? Instead of just moving 2D sprites that have become boring for many years. In fact, the animation in RD, at this stage, has not developed since the moment you published Anim.xml , we only have browser-based move focuses…
I think I found a way to change that. Because any gif(which is not desirable) or mp4 animation is built on a timeline and frames. But mp4 does not have access to the frames directly! But there is access to time! And if the video is recorded at 60 frames per second, then one frame will change every 16.6 milliseconds. With this knowledge, it is possible to create the movement of 3D objects, animate this movement in mp4, match the video with speed or with RPM, and get a 3D speedometer, which is currently not available in any way in RD.

Technically this could be problematic, as almost all video decoding libraries are optimized to play forward. Moving backwards would cause noticeably delay in playback and thus would not work very well on use case you describe.

This is not a problem with GIF animations though, as they are completely handled by our engine. I will take a look of how you could select a GIF animation frame based on input. This is currently not very high priority though, as we are completely swamped in projects :frowning:

Already good! If something we will test any options. The main thing is that it is possible to implement it)))
And so not in a hurry!

I would like to return after a long time to this issue of linking the gif frame. to the input value!

I was interested in this issue half a year ago. Maybe on chilly evenings, you will find some time to implement … I’m ready to test!

We are still working on last fixed on My RealDash. Will be able to get back on other tracks soon.

1.9.7 is this update related to this topic?

We started developing the feature that allows to set gif/video frame or seek position from input. It is a bigger job and did not make it to 1.9.7. Hope to get it into next release.

Good news. We will hold our fists so that everything works out))
By the way, even at this stage, I was able to assign some conditions to the Gif sensor yesterday that are able to start playback for one animation cycle, under certain events)))

Greetings! Interested in the fate of this post? Are there any promotions?

This is on todo list, but now we have concentrated on fixing bugs.

OK. I realized!

Good time. Years later, I would like to return to this issue. Thank you.

Just checked and this seems to be in todo list still. Has been on low priority, and our todo list has not gotten any shorter :frowning:

I will try to bump this up.