blink speed parameter

blink speed parameter, must contain 2 values:
peak width (ms)
fall width (ms)
because at large values ​​with these settings, for example, an interval of 2000 (ms) means that the symbol is displayed for 2 seconds and there is no symbol for 2 seconds - this is not very informative.
you need to be able to configure blink so that the symbol is displayed for 2 seconds and blinked briefly (0.5 seconds) for example!


I think adding this would just add complexity to Look’n Feel UI. You can implement more complicated blinking patterns with triggers and actions using the timers.

You can arrange it like this, for example …

I only just noticed how the blink speed works and literally blinks the output.

I was looking for a way of reducing the load on realdash by just updating the values less frequently.

For example engine coolant temp, could be updated every 5 secs, whereas AFR i want as quick as possible.

the main load is translucent huge images on the scales. Numeric output is a pampering for RD.

Good to know.

For OBD2 this is implemented as ‘skipCount’ on XML file. See documentation here:

For other connections it does not make any difference as all parameters are received constantly. With OBD2 you can gain some data rate as its a poll-receive type protocol.