Bluetooth remote

When I modify dash designs I like to create multiple pages, for example to change the colours and layout .
At present I add buttons on the pages to scroll through the pages but this means I have to touch the screen to select the next or previous page.

I purchased a cheap generic bluetooth media remote and would really appreciate if I could use this to scroll through the pages I’ve created, so when I press the next track button on the remote it is mapped in realdash to trigger the next page and the same with previous track mapped to previous page.

I also have a slider on each screen to dim the screen and would like to use the remote to do this, so the volume up mapped to increase brightness and volume down to mapped to dim the tablet.

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This is interesting, I will get one of those remotes too and check if I can integrate RealDash into it.

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This would be awsome to work from the remote. I have the same remote for the music player and got an leftover remote from a firetv stick. It would be super to use it in realdash.

I found this bluetooth mouse touchepad. Looks also interesting.

For the finger? :question: :question: :unamused:

Mount it on the steering wheel

Could the input mapping be used?

The ones I tried work like a Bluetooth keyboard, so input mapping will not work.