Bmw e81 and ms43 ecu can bus

Hi, im going to try to get realdash to work on ms43 ecu. I swapped m54b30 engine to bmw 1 series e81 2009. so because there is two diffrent protocols is it possible to make file so it dash shows fuel level from e87 chasis can bus and rpm,coolant,oil pressure from ms43 ecu? Aswell what can analyzer to use if im going to use android tablet?

It is possible to add as many simultaneous connections as you need. We use 3 connections on our DEATHFISH 2 project.

so i dont need two can bus analyzers i just can add can ids to .xml file? can i connect both e87 bmw can bus wires together with ms43 ecu and then plug to can analyzer? Aswell can you please advise me what can analyzer to use as in manual there is not info what one is for android and what is for windows only.

I’m not an expert with BMW CAN, but I don’t think you should connect the two CAN buses together. Either use 2 adapters, or one dual channel adapter.

All listed adapters work on Windows and Android. iOS has some limitations via not accepting standard USB connections nor Bluetooth classic.

I bought this robotell adapter i try to use the on android and in manual says to choose robotell but there is no option on android real dash only on windows.

Yes, I see. They have been accidently disabled. Will fix.

thanks you, can confirm it works now. Is there a way to hook up boost pressure to dash like external one ? is there a can bus boost adapter not sure how to add it as my bmw has m54b30 turbo conversion and this engine never had turbo so no can bus for that.
how do i solve it?

I would assume that your vehicle has MAP sensor, so you can read the boost from that.

i has map sensor but its analog signal how do i apply this ? aswell im planing to add bluetooth connection to can lin adapter is anyone done such a thing?

MeatPi has CAN->Bluetooth adapters which are supported by RealDash. See all supported adapters here:

RealDash | Manuals | Supported CAN/LIN Adapters

How about boost pressure ? How do i get that working as mine is not connected to can bus. Mine is converted from maf to map.

I’m sorry, but I cannot help with that as I’m not familiar with such conversions.