BMW ID8 dashboard

Hi Jani, any plans for making available a premium dashboard with ID8 design of BMW (see attached). I would be happy to purchase that.

Else is there a way to mask a round dial design of New boss to get that shape. How to create that shape from scratch?

I will put this to feature request list. Our new premium dashboard production has been slow lately :frowning:

As for the New Boss shape, I’m not sure what you mean.

Is it possible to mask one half of the round dial of RPM and Speed gauges in New Boss and make it a semi circle (if not a semi hexagon like ID8)? (Like attached Volvo C40).

Which mask image should I use to make it a semi circle (See my modified dash).

  • In edit mode, select the Needle Gauge and go to Look’n Feel.
  • Special->Angles & Offsets.
  • Set Start Angle to 180 and Sweep Angle to 180.

Then use background image suited for this half sweep.

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Jani, is there a way to rotate an image gauge by 90 degrees? I want to rotate the above speed gauge by 90 deg to the right and RPM gauge by 90 deg to the left. I can only see the flip horizontally and vertically options.

Images cannot be rotated 90 degrees. Take your image to image authoring tool and do the rotation there. Then import it to RealDash assets.

I tried that but how to remove the grey fillings around the circle?

Changing the background colour is not helping.

I’m not a graphics artist, but you have to enable transparency in the image and save as PNG file to retain transparency channel. How to do that depends of image editing tool you are using. Goes a bit out of scope of this forum.

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Thanks for your suggestion. Managed to modify the above dash as below: