BMW XML description file


I have a BMW E61 and OBDlink SX cable.
CAN monitor only shows 00000130: c1 ff ff ff ff 00
Which is correct CAN ID for ignition key status and it works fine, but everything, what I wrote down to XML file
is not functioning.

For example, Indicators:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

1F6 is CAN ID for Indicator status,
In real dash, I connected it to Text Gauge, to show me at least raw value, but nothing has been shown,
I dont know, what Im doing wrong. Wrong setting of RD app, or mistake in XML file? I dont know.
Can you guys please help me?

If you see the raw value, then data is coming in ok. Please give more details. What indicator is in 0x1F6? Indicators typically use only one bit, which bit in this 2 byte value is it?


So, according to my information, the output should look like this:

80 F0 - indicators off
91 F1 - indicators left initial
91 F2 - indicators left following
A1 F1 - indicators right initial
A1 F2 - indicators right following
B1 F1 - indicators Hazard initial
B1 F2 - indicators Hazard following

I would be happy, if anything from my XML at least show something, but i have no luck or knowledge :cry:

I’m not sure what is the difference with turn signal indicator ‘initial’ and ‘following’, but here is my best quess how to read turn signals left and right:

<frame id="0x1F6">
    <value targetId="160" offset="0" length="2" units="bit" conversion="V==0x91F2"></value>
    <value targetId="161" offset="0" length="2" units="bit" conversion="V==0xA1F2"></value>

See all targetId values here:

It is possible that endianess of two byte value is wrong. If it does not seem to work, you can try to add endianess=“big” to frame attributes.

If you are able to map the E60 CAN, I’d appreciate if you share it with us to include it into RealDash.

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Hi, were you able to get your xml to work? I have a B47 engine in my BMW 320d F30 LCI (June 2016 model). Currently, I am connecting RD using an vGate BT adaptor via OBD2 port to an Android tablet. Would be great if your xml can help read exact fuel parameters, turn signals, etc.

Kelly, you are repeating this same on multiple threads. Please do not do that.

Sorry, Jani. I thought I should repeat it since the respondent is different in different threads.