Brazil Ford Fiesta don´t connect

Hello, I’m from Brazil and I have a Ford Fiesta 2008 1.6 and I can’t connect RealDash to my vehicle. My adapter is an ObdLink LX.
When I use another application, FORSCAN, it brings up more than 200 PIDs. I’ve tried several protocols and several combinations between them and nothing happened.
The only thing that brought results was the CAN connection, but only 5 lines of data.
These are de data retrieved by FORSCAN

Adaptador: OBDLink LXBTr1.2 STN1155 v5.6.19 (ELM327 v1.4b)
Pausa Mín.: 7 ms (Excelente)

  • UNKNOWN COMMAND: 1 ( 0.8% )

Modelo: Ford S. A. Fiesta
Motor: FFV
Capacidade: 1.6L
Ano: 2009
Geração: 2006 MY
VIN: 9BFZF16P398348606

PCM - Módulo de Controle do Trem de Força
Número da peça: 7S65-12A650-FC
Hardware type: IAW-4CFR
Versão do software: 2007-11-06
VIN: 9BFZF16P398348606

IC - Conjunto de Instrumentos
Número da peça: 7S65-10849-GF
Estratégia : 000000SWD10-01679-001F00
Versão do software: v1 2007-02-22
Hodômetro: 129628.5 km

RKE - Entrada por Controle Remoto
Bus: ISO
Número da peça: 7S65-15C602-AB
Versão do software: v4 2006-10-31

I would be very grateful if you could help me.
Thank you very much in advance.

Your vehicle probably requires a special initialization header in order to receive data. Unfortunately, we do not have a database of Ford special headers/pids.

Hello again, I just found a secret document from the Ford Company with the full description of the ECU of the Ford models.
Does that matter to you?

It could. Send to