BT issue

Hi Gents,

Any one can help me in this BT issue? I am not able to see can bus data using BT. I replace it with too many BT module HC-05/HC-06 same issue. If i connect BT using serial BT application it actually send data as you can see in first link. But some how i cannot see through Realdash link #2.

Any help?




We use HC-05, HC-06 and HM-10 daily in multiple projects and have not encountered any problems with the connectivity. Unfortunately for us, it is impossible to troubleshoot other custom hardware.

Hi Jani,

Can you please share your arduino ino. file with BT commands.



I re adjust BT pins from 0,1 to 3,4 and add BT baud rate in the Arduino ino. And now it works!

Happy to hear you got it working :thumbs: