Bug on changing scale of needle gauge on linux

Hello, Im using 14" screen, it shows the realdash theme stretched and ugly, so i changed size of mid-sement and gauge arc from 416px/416px to 416px/832px it worked for me.

But when i want to scale speed gauge and rpm gauge to the same value it became black on linux :

When i try the same thing on windows or android version it works great but once I upload theme to raspberrypi3 the needles became black.

Any help or advice please ?

Does it work if you make it square? Use the edit bar and tap the ‘link’ icon on it to force is square. Or manually enter same width and height.

Square 400x400 its working, but i need to set gauge to 400x800

On Android and windows its working for both case but on raspberrypi its not working

Yes, reason I wanted you to try is to verify that problem is on off-square needle gauge rendering.

When your needle gauge is square, there are quite a lot of performance optimizations that can be done for the rendering. If it is off-square, a different (less-performant) rendering path is taken.

Unfortunately we do not have any RPi3:s anymore to test on. I will test on RPi4 & 5 to see if I can reproduce the problem there.