building needle gauge

I am new to RealDash and just built a needle gauge for oil pressure using the images from Look & Feel. It looks okay apart from I would like a less pronounced bezel to match my car’s existing gauges. Are there any other options for this such as samples or examples or do I have to get down and dirty with a graphics design program ? I have the full version of RealDash and I would be happy to pay for something which was a better match if it exists.

Any advice appreciated.

Our only offering is the 4 templates to choose from when starting a new dashboard. Way back we had an idea that we could offer more graphics packs, but that has been buried under all other stuff.

When I started, I took photos of read dashboards and used GIMP to edit the graphics. Its not too hard, and its quite fun, but takes a long time if you are not professional artist, which I’m definately not (Tomi makes all our graphics).

Okay, thanks. I’ll take a look at gimp. I’m no artist but my son is good at that stuff !

But if you import in a graphic how do you get REALDASH to operate within that graphic? Say, u make a dial, how does RealDash know where to send info?

You can import your graphics assets to RealDash from Edit mode Look’n Feel.