Button for triggering CAN Digital Input

I have a link ecu and use a can adapter to send data to my realdash app.

I setup a button to trigger a can digital input to switch wastegate tables in my link.

I got it to work to the point where when the tablet is not connected to the ecu the button works meaning If i press it it it changes from green to red and the text changes.

When i connect it to the ecu the CAN digital input is off like it should be. When i press the button the input turns on but the button on the app doesn’t switch.

i’m also not able to turn the input off again. Once it’s on it’s on.

What could cause this?

Hard to say as I’m not familiar how Link ECU CAN handles the inputs. I have seen some devices to use different CAN ID for setting the value and different for reading the status. Maybe that is the case with Link.

Updating to recent realdash version fixed it.

Next question: Right now i’m using a action called toggle value on/off

this allows for a 0 and a 1 value to be triggered like a switch

is there a 3 value option also?

Right now i have Low and High Boost

can i set up a action where it goes Low Medium High? and each time i press the button it cycles to the next one and then back around?

Low-medium-high-then back to low?

Yes, try the ‘Rotate Value’ actions.