Button to close/minimize realdash

Hello everybody

why is there actually no way to generate a button to exit realdash… :question:

Ralf :smiley:

Minimizing realdash with a button would of course also be great :sunglasses:

You can create a button with action that sets ‘App Started’ input to 0. That should close the app.

Hello! Jani! But when you select an action, set a value, the ‘App Started’ input cannot be accessed. Check it!
Instead, I do a little trick, I assign an action, “open any other application” which minimizes to the RD tray!

Ah, true. I forgot that this input is not available for Actions.


yes, I noticed that too…
Another idea :question:

Try that ^

Thanks a lot :smiley:


I got it easier
Simply create a new action with MINIMIZE APPLICATION and do not enter a PACKAGE NAME, then RD will be minimized
That’s exactly what I wanted to achieve…

Thanks at all :smiley:

Cool! :stuck_out_tongue:

Works great! Everything is correctly collapsed.
Question to Jani … Maybe then, if the application is running in the background, it would be possible to return the RealDash application via a USB connection by sending a specific command?
Of course I understand that this should only work in the background, but will not work when the application is closed

Try Launch app action with RealDash package id.

hmm, I didn’t think about it, I’ll try! Thanks!

It worked great! Thanks! I got what I wanted!

I got an idea, but I’ll open it in another post!


if I minimize around, everything continues to run wonderfully in the background… :smiley:
BUT :confused:
the navigation voice unfortunately not.
is it possible that the announcements in the background are still spoken?


I will take a look of this.

You are great :wink: