C8 theme, fuel level and consumption

I’ve been using the C8 theme now for bit more than 700km, including a dyno trip, 1/4mile trip and some general road driving.

I’ve setup the fuel gauge so that it comes through the dashbox and shows 60 when the tank is full and 0 when empty, however the C8 dash aways gives me 1 km range left and i suspect the fuel consumption calculations are not working as well.

It is also constantly showing me “Fuel level Critical” on the display when not navigating which is slightly annoying.

How should i setup the values to match what the calculations inside the c8 dash are setup ? is there a way to see this math and modify it accordingly ?

other than that, the software works great for sure.

Make a dash with text gauge and link it to ‘Calculated Values->Fuel Consumption’. Check if this instant consumption value is anywhere close to your actual fuel consumption.