c8 theme, page and sub page changing

Just installed the realdash and looking for a dash install on my supra in place of the instrument cluster, i bought the c8 theme which looks pretty amazing.

However, i don’t like the idea of touching the screen through the steering wheel, so i’ll be adding some buttons on my DashBox to control the page changes.

I tried to figure out from the app how the triggers and actions for changing the different modes “default → race” and the different subscreens, i can find the triggers that trigger the actions with the UI interaction, but i’m missing the bit where the changes to the dummy variables actually impact the order/opacity/location/?? of the individual dash elements. Seems like i’m missing a bit of the puzzle here.

Would this be something that is somehow in the animations that i dont have access to ?

Looks like the ‘Main toggle’ element does the ‘Switch cluster view’ action which loops the ‘Dummy 01’ through [0,1,2]
What I think i’m missing is where the change to Dummy 01 triggers the actions for changing the visibility of the components on the screen.

Anyways, I was thinking in the first stage to just trigger this action from the dashbox data and see if it will do.

I should be able also to do the same for the sub views, but as a learning execrise, it would be nice to understand what is going on here.

to answer my own quesiton,
yes, the triggers for the animations are defined in the xml file that defines the animation.

and yes, i can accomplish the mode switching via external button even without this data,
just calling the appropriate action that modifies the dummy variable.

So far this software and system seem really nice. Is there a way to transfer the themes i purchased from Android to windows? Trying to modify things on the tablet is painfull. I guess just saving the theme in dropbox should do ? This should enable in theory the dev pc and car to be in sync constantly.

Most of our premium dashboards respond to ‘Steering Wheel Button’ inputs to switch the displays. So if you are able to send data to these inputs you are able to control the info on dash.

Yes, the premium dashboard purchased from Google does not work on Microsoft or Apple products. This is strictly forbidden on each store rules (cross selling). If we would give you free product on Windows when you have paid it to Google, Microsoft would kick us out of their store, and vice versa. I hope you understand that this is out of our hands. Currently we do not have any other option to handle the payments of items than the stores. We hope to figure an alternative to that but its tricky as if we break the store rules we are out - and that would mean a killblow to entire app.