Calculated gear change indicator

Would be great to set some parameters for a gear change indicator. I’ve got one to display an arrow if my revs are over a certain amount but I’d love it to be more intelligent.

Off the top of my head it would consider something like:

Change up if your revs are above X, you’re not in your max gear, throttle isn’t over y%.

Change down if you’re not in 1st, revs are below X.

I know you can do calculations in look and feel, but can’t draw in other inputs to that calculation.

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I thought we could use gauge math, but that doesn’t look to be a possibility. I think triggers will be the path that will get you to your goal. You can add a bunch of variables and set the action to change the value of a “gauge”. Make sure the source for the gage is none, though.

I did the below as a quick proof of concept. If it’s below 5500 right now it just shows 1 or the previous value, but you get the idea.

Note: if you just want to use an indicator image or something, then you can use fade to bring it in and out.


I think I’ll make mine based on speed and have a max gear and minimum. The max I had in the M3 I used to have and that’s a great feature. Thank you for asking this question as it reminded me I wanted to give this a go.

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OK, this looks as though it’s the way to do it! I hadn’t realised that triggers work in that way so good excuse to go play with them. Probably means me reading up more on triggers and actions and how they all interact with the graphics. Thanks for the reply!

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