Calculated value is "range"

with the parameters “fuel consuption” = 10 L / 100km and “fuel level” = 10L I get the wrong power reserve value in liters “range (calculated)” = 14 km. Could you explain in more detail exactly what parameters I need to configure for a more accurate display: 1- “range (calculated)”. 2- fuel. consuption (average)?

Range is calculated by dividing fuel amount (liters) with average fuel consumption (as liters per km). Average is used since using instant consumption would vary the range too much.

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And what parameters are involved in calculating the average fuel consumption?

average consumption = fuel (liters) / distance * 100
Of course in the city you drive less on the same amount of fuel. Consumption is higher than on the highway.

I understand it. Thank you for participating in the conversation.
But I said that the average flow rate I gave 10t liters per 100 kilometers, the rest in the tank I have 10t liters, then a distance of 100 should be in theory 100km, well, if the distance, of course, a simple division result.
And then again the second question is not revealed. How is instant consumption considered? I thought that according to the injection pulse duration and injector performance, but my investigations on this subject indicate the opposite, it seems to me that at least the inlet pressure and the inlet temperature are involved in calculating the instantaneous consumption.

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I answered the question, what parameters are involved in calculating the average consumption, and not why you have incorrect readings.

There are several options for calculating instantaneous flow rate.

  1. Injector performance and opening time.
  2. Mass air flow. The MAP or MAF sensor in any case calculates the mass of the consumed air.

If you have not tuned the injector performance anywhere, then you will not be able to take these readings.
Pressure and temperature are of course involved. Mass of air depends on pressure and temperature

Instantaneous flow is usually indicated in liters per hour. If you need liters per kilometer, then add a variable speed

I just found out that the ID224 (Range) ÷ ID222 (Fuel Amount = ID204 (Trip A Avg Fuel Consumption)
It means, as I observed, that the calculated range is based on avg fuel consumption on Trip A.

What if on Trip A I drove 200km on all highway speeds and on next 10km, I am in city driving. I observed that the calculated range is a little bit not accurate anymore because majority of the driving is on the highway?
Wouldn’t be possible to use the avg fuel consumption on the LAST 10 or 20km?
Bajaj and some Toyota cars have their range calculated based on the last 25km avg fuel consumption, not based on trip avg fuel consumption. As I noticed that the range value doesn’t affect when I reset trip button.

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Thank you for the suggestion. I will take a look.

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