Calculated values

How I can edit “Calculated values”, or Create my own?

You cannot edit the existing calculated values, but you can use something called ‘Gauge Math’ to make changes to what is shown by the gauge. For example, select your gauge, go to Look’n Feel and write into gauge math:

Now your gauge will show linked input value + 10.

Hmmm… OK…
But how I can see what do “Calculated value”? What it logic?
I want understand what it do before using it.
there are many presets with unknown contents. what parameters do they use? in what units? can not understand anything!!!

How about if you first try to explain what you are trying to achieve?

How what?
here is the item “Trip A average consumption”. On which sources does it calculate? In what units result? l / hour, or l / 100km? where is the information? Havn’t!!
Or “instantan consumption” - what initial sources does it take for calculations?
and so for any item. havn’t “datasheets” for use.
I use only “ECU specific” Sources… how use “calculated” for it?
sorry for my English…

So will someone answer me?
is there any information on these values? how to work with them? Why are they needed if it is a black box?

You will find the answer on the Internet. Hint. Calculations occur exactly the same as for other calculators to find the same values. nothing above the secret was applied.
It just shouldn’t be that easy, according to Jani. And I understand this after years and support.
I need to come to this on my own to understand how it works.

this is NOT answer…
Your functions have not Headers… What TargetID I must use for calculate? All 200-300?
I’m not interested HOW you calculate, me interested WHAT TargetID’s I must use for it.

The calculated values ​​cannot have an input target ID, since this contradicts the very principle of the concept - the calculated value.
It is calculated based on other inputs.

First Thanks to permit me to try and evaluate the realdash,
Dear Outdriver
As Janni said to make a custom calculated value , now I’m able to create custom PID via xml file explained,(realdash_obd2.xml)
Example :

It works for me to get KPL value as followed formula
Dummy 01 = new custom PID
ID81 = Speed
710=petrol density

Hope it help

Thanks Janni

is a “if” declaration possible? For example: if V>100, V=0 ??

Greetinges, Michael

Hey. As far as I understand you need a counter that is reset to “0” when the value is greater than “100”?

not a counter, a IF staement if the value goes over for example 100.

Gauge math does not support conditions. You can use gauge value range to clamp, or triggers to set value per condition.


To create custom PID via xml file (realdash_obd2.xml) can I use the default realdash xml file which comes with the default dashboard and add additional PID commands?

Or do I need to start from scratch and create a new obd2 xml?

Sure you can, no problem.

To be clear, I am referring to this xml from your default dashboard:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

In above xml can I add PID commands (not that I know how to create - I have to learn)? If you say yes, I will go through some forum discussions and your sample OBD2 xml and see if I can add to the above xml.

Basically, things like turn indicator, Tyre pressure, etc, I want to add if possible.

Pls confirm.

Those are your settings, they do not have anything to do with OBD2 connection. See XMLs for that here: