Calculated values.

Hi. What’s mean “calcutlated values” in “input&values” such as: Fuel Amount, Fuel Consumption (L/100 km), Fuel Consumption (Liter per hour), Trip: Average Fuel Consumption, Trip A: cost, Trip A: Fuel Consumed, Trip A: Session Distance, Trip A: Tripmeter. What formulas are used to calculate them?

Only ‘formula’ related to these is the fuel consumption. There are multiple algorithms that are used to calculate fuel consumption based on what sensors send data to RealDash:

  • If injector pulse widths are present, consumption is calculated based to injector size, cylinder count, using average injector dead time with battery voltage correction. This is the most precise way of calculating fuel consumption.
  • Next, if MAF sensor is present, consumption is calculated from MAF and set engine VE, size, and AFR. If AFR is not available, the stoichiometric value is used.
  • Next, if MAP sensor is present, the MAF g/sec value is calculated by using either real IAT reading or approximate if IAT is not present. Also, settings of engine VE and size is used. Then this calculated MAF is set to MAF input, so you will see MAF value without MAF sensor. Lastly consumption is calculated with same MAF formula as with real MAF sensor.

Exceptions to calculations are:

  • If Enginebits Fuel Cut is 1, consumption is set to 0
  • If TPS is available from the vehicle and consumption is not based on injector pulse widths, consumption is set to 0 if TPS is below 1% and speed is greater than 20kph

The consumption calculations give value of ‘liters per second’, which is simply used to update all the rest calculated values that depend on consumption.

How should I make use of the fuel consumption correction factor. Currently, my average fuel consumption of both trip A and B are showing lower than the actual. My factor is set as 0.364 currently.

Should I reduce it or increase it? If my Avg fuel consumption is showing as 12 kmpl instead of say 15 kmpl should I make the fuel consumption factor as 15/12*0.364 = 0.455?

Also, why is there no Kmpl option for fuel consumption? I only see Fuel consumption (L/100 or MPG) option?

The average fuel consumption of both trip A and B is kmpl right?

Pls clarify.

Factor is a multiplier for calculated value.

In ‘Settings->Units & Values’ select Fuel consumption display as ‘KM/L’.

Yes it is already at KM/L. But why only L/100 is listed as option in calculated values–>fuel consumption? Shouldn’t there be a KM/L option there too?

That is a error in input description text. There is only one calculated fuel consumption input which is shown in gauges based on units setting. I will fix the input description text.

Just so that I understand this correctly…if my factor is 0.5 will the calculated value show half the actual fuel consumption?

I just took my car for a short drive. The trip B fuel consumption gauge showed 5.3 KM/L after a 2.5 km drive and my car reading showed 11.3 KM/L and my correction factor was set at 0.455.

If my understanding is correct the gauge should show 11.3 * 0.455 = 5.14 KM/L which is very close to 5.3.

So to match the car reading, I need to change the multiplier to 0.97 (=5.14/5.3), instead of 0.455, correct?

Is this understanding correct?

Sounds good to me.

Sorry, but i cant find where i can setup fuel consumption correction factor. Car is using MAP sensor. EDZ engine. Connected on BT via elm-327

Go to the garage and tap the vehicle name. Then scroll to the bottom of the settings.

Thank you a LOT! It was so easy. Im a dumbass :smiley: