Calculations under Look & Fill

So, the situation I have is that I’m running this on a motorcycle. The way the bike is setup is that it has 2 throttle bodies. Each one has its own set of sensors. OBDC returns two sets of values for things like MAF, etc.

The problem is that my MPG is twice what it should be since the calculations are based only off one set of sensors. I had this same problem with DashCommand as well. I figured out the easiest way to deal with this is to just half my calculated MPG and double my fuel consumption and its close enough.

So, now the problem. How do I use the calculated value option? At one point, I thought it was to put in V for the value with your math, but it doesn’t seem to be working. (V/2 and V*2 respectively).

In addition, I was trying to do this with Speed, but wasn’t getting any different values. I’d like to show MPH and KMH values, as I do travel to Canada sometimes. So, I put in V*1.6 to convert from MPH to KMH on that gauge, but the value didn’t seem to change.

Obviously I’m doing something wrong with this, so please let me know how to use calculations.

v1.6.2 Android

Seems like you are doing everything right, but there is something wrong with gauge math. I will take a look.