CAN Analyzer // Car installation?

Hi everyone,
I’m in the proccess of starting making my own dash and have some questions on how i should connect this adapter to the car can network.

Is there some adapters to connect it or how do you guys do it?

Thanks everyone, any help is welcome

This adapter is quite simple; just connect CAN H and CAN L to respective wires on your car. If you have OBD2 connector in your car, the CAN pins are

  • 6: CAN H
  • 14: CAN L

And the GND pin? To connect i just need to cut the tip off and put in contact with the obd pin, is that it? Its it safe?

Also when i’m done with the xml data i still have to have the can analyzer connected in order to the realdash read the data so i was wondering if there are other ways that people connected this insted of the obd port.

No need to connect the GND pin. On permanent installation you may want to connect it to ECU signal ground, but for us this adapter has worked well without it.

As for what is safe, I cannot comment on that. You decide what is safe when modifying your car.