CAN Bus Fuel Injector Signal? Anyone have experience with this?

I am searching for the Fuel Injector flow rate on the CAN bus of my Toyota. I have found a few addresses that could potentially have the data. Vehicle has a 5.7L V8 engine for reference.

Does anyone know if manufactures (Toyota ect.) send the Fuel flow through Injector #1 on the bus? I am trying to determine if the value is a flow rate per second in Ml or Microliters. If it is just for 1 injector or all 8 ect. I assume the values could also just be the pulse width of a single injector. Anybody know the typical standard here?

Would like to be able to calculate total fuel used per second by the engine in either Ml or Microliters, then using Speed value I can do Instant MPG. If I have a set value per second I can then do a summation to get total fuel used over a given amount of time.

My best guess so far was combing data from bytes 0,1 on an address that fluctuated fast with throttle/rpm. This value is about 1700 at idle (650 Rpm). I assumed this meant 1700 microliters (1.7 Ml) of total fuel burned per second but I am very unsure.

Hoping someone else has found verified fuel flow data on the Can Bus and can share if it was a volume for a single injector, a volume for all injectors, or a time for a single injector. Also what the frequency was. The assumed value I am using is about 33 signals per second.

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