Can Bus speed?

I am trying to find out why a Canbus trace in Pcan view 0x521 shows up just fine, when I look at the can monitor in Realdash it is not there. Using baud rate 200000 and the Seeed Studio unit. Any thoughts? It’s working at 20ms.

So for any of you who may care about this I discovered something unusual when checking the canbus monitor readings in RD. I had made the mistake of having a 120 resister on my canbus logging connector and only some of the readings came up in RD. The 0x521 and a few others where missing. Then I realized that I had the resister in the connector and removed it. After that all the canbus messages came through in RD. So it’s just a learning fun fact for everyone.

Yes, thanks for sharing. If you have double resistors in CAN bus, strange things will happen. Many CAN devices already have the resistor in their CAN bus.