CAN Description File updating

Hi! I have been connecting the gauges of my dashboard to values from a custom CAN Description file.

I recently went back and changed the value names in the can xml so that they matched that of the DBC. I went back to reupload the CAN description values in the garage which worked, but they were added to the list of ECU inputs instead of overwriting the list of ECU inputs. Now I essentially have a list with the old and new names.

Is there a way to get this file to overwrite the list of inputs in Realdash? I’d like the gauges to be connected to inputs with the correct DBC names on them, but I don’t want to have to go back to reconnect every gauge in the dashboard.

Each new name from XML generates an unique targetId for that. If you change the name, new targetId will be generated. That is how RealDash keeps track of all custom inputs without confusing them with something else.

You can go to the ‘Settings->Units & Values->Imported Values’, select them all and delete them. Each time XML is read by the connection, the new custom values are generated.

can you please elaborate a bit more when the details of a connection are stored and when exactly the XML file is read?

XML is read every time a connection is started.