CAN frame bit value trigger mapping

Will it be possible to add following function:

map can frame specific value to perform triggered action?

Example: gearbox mode and gear numbers in my car are sent within can frame id 128, where bit 7 hex value 10 - P, 20 - R, 30 - N., 32 - D1, 34 - D2, 34 - D3, 36 - D4. Assign can id 128 bit 7 to display text “P” for parking, “R” for reverse or to pop up rear camera view or parking sensors icon, etc.

I guess it will help a lot to work around vehicle specific data, like gear numbers, wheel buttons (which are mostly use can bus thees days) some warning messages/icons, perform other specific actions and so on.

P.S. Great app by the way, keep on going.

Yes, while in edit mode, tap bottom menu ‘Triggers’ and create triggers for each value. Then you can link ‘Set Text’ action to each trigger to display the text you want.