Can records file

tell me if it is possible to use can records files for the test to do virtual dashboard tests. not all of our Realdasher have emulation hardware. That would be great.


Currently there is no CAN data playback option in RealDash. I always thought that its trivial to make a test app that sends CAN data over IP.

for me it is hard - maybe exsist step by step example instruction?

Soory but i ask again

Some designer need easy test her skins

Please add feature play can records file in todo list. Or publick external app for windows ( data multicast ) as host

We use an external app to stream CAN data from log files via TCP/IP. It could be possible to use that code in RealDash. I will take a look at this.


very wait

Sorry. I remind again. The problem of testing skins is very acute.

Have got no time for this, sorry. I really think you’d be better to write your own simple CAN simulator that sends RealDash CAN frames.

I’ll try to help you, I need to study, I haven’t done programming before. well, I will make a convenient application and publish it for everyone as soon as I can.

It will be a nice exercise for you. Sending CAN frames over TCP/IP on Python program will be like 50 lines of code.

I was overly optimistic, as it took over 80 lines for me: