Can’t use dashes that had paid!!!

After last update, when I open RealDash with the same dash that I use, it says that I Can’t use this paid premium dash that I have bought a long time ago…

Is this purchase from Google Play store, Apple app store, Microsoft Store or from My RealDash?

If from any of the stores, you can try ‘Restore Purchases’ option in ‘Settings->Other’.

If purchase is from Play store and you have added/removed/changed users on your device, it may cause purchases to disappear as RealDash is unable to check what Google account is currently active. This is a known problem in Play store services.

The purchase is from Apple App Store and i don’t have that option in that menu, only “where is my car” and “about” ???! Strange, I had seen that option at some time ago… none of the purchases that I had made is available… nether the prices are shown on dashes… just the unlock option and redirected to subscribe?

Still waiting for a solution! Do I have to had a subscription?! I never had to?! I only pay the dashes and all worked perfectly! And there’s not an option to repay the dashes, only a subscribe option?! Help please!! I can only use projects that use free dashes…

We will investigate. There is probably something gone wrong with iOS update. Will push an update as soon as possible. Worry not, your purchases are not lost.

Edit: Confirmed. iOS version currently in store is My RealDash only version. That’s very odd, Apple is usually very strict in their review that store is working properly. Will push an update immediately.

Thanks for the info! Do I have to delete the app and reinstall?! Or the app will have a new version number to update over the installed app?

I already delete the app and reinstall and all remains the same…

It’s all ok now!! Thanks for everything!!!

No need to uninstall as update comes from the store.

Sorry about this. This was a plain and simple human error. We have automated builds for Windows, Android and Linux, but iOS has to be build manually and then mistakes can happen.