Can Transmit + Receive


I’ve been working on a custom dash for my R33 GTR, it connects to my Syvecs S8 ECU. What I am trying to achieve is to use the Realdash to transmit canbus instructions to my Syvecs S8 ECU. I’ve got it working, but I’m thinking it’s probably not the optimal way of doing it.

My ECU supports additional inputs such as launchControl, ALSStrategy, TractionControl all via canbus inputs. By using Realdash I can free up these physical inputs and use RealDash to control them via the canbus.

My first challenge was that on the Syvecs ECU, the transmission of canbus data would be on a frame 60Ah e.g. launchSelect, but CAN receive instruction cannot be on the same frame. The ECU doesn’t support reading data on the same frame it transmits. The CAN receive from Realdash to the Syvecs ECU must be on different frame e.g. 640h.

So I thought about this and setup values in the XML & Realdash

60Ah – LaunchSelect - That was used to send data from the ECU to Realdash
640h – LaunchSelectT - This was used to send data from Realdash to the ECU

640h is now an input on the ECU assigned to launchSelect.

I use a text guage to display lauchSelect Value
I use two buttons to rotate value up, or rotate value down of LaunchSelectT

One problem I had, is if I powercycle the ECU, LaunchSelect resets back to 1, and LaunchSelectT is whatever value I had it set at before in RealDash. I used writeInterval to get around this, so after a short moment the ECU receives instruction from RealDash and updates LaunchSelect (via the input assigned on LaunchSelectT). Although there is a little delay.

I’m new to Realdash and this is the first one I’ve setup. Few questions:

1/ Is this the best way to do it?
2/ Is there a way in Actions to “Set Value (formula)” to do something like this
LaunchSelectT = LaunchSelect+1 (to increment the LaunchSelect value)
LaunchSelectT = LaunchSelect-1 (to reduce the LaunchSelect value)

Resources Life/Syvecs CAN information:
Life Racing Canbus

Each project is different, and very hard to define what is the ‘perfect’ way, but the way you are doing it sounds perfectly good for me. Typically you need and should assign different can frames for ‘get status’ and ‘set status’, exactly as you have done it.

All conversions in XML and Set Value action support value names in formula, like:


Note the single quotas around value name, required to work from XML files.

So if you have specified a value in XML with name LaunchSelectT, you can refer to it in the formula.

Iam setting up an s7plus now haven’t actually got real dash on but there is an option in scal to select what map to startup and then aditional settings for what tracrion als tc etc.

I was wondering what you are using for q can interface to send data and how to go about it? Iam using an usb to can i also have arduino but im not good at coding and havent actually got the Arduino to read can and send to real dash.

I am using just a basic USB to Can Analyzer I bought off Amazon. It’s listed on the Realdash website here: RealDash | Manuals | Supported CAN/LIN Adapters.

I’m using Realdash to transmit Can frames to my Syvecs ECU, this is via a Windows based tablet.

Depending on what you are trying to do, there are examples for Arduino on Github.

Iam using the same seed studio usb to can aswell i tryed the arduino examples with no succes. I figured out how to send can with a button press not sure of how to format?