CAN Tx not working on BLE with iOS. Works fine with android

I use a 10 position gauge to send values of 0-10 to a CAN analog input on my ecu. over wifi connection using a meatpi this works perfectly but over bluetooth the values don’t send when using my iphone. If i rotate up to say a value of 4, instead of it displaying that value on the ECU end it starts to count from 0-5 very delayed and sometimes counts back down to 0. over wifi the values change instantly when i rotate through them on realdash and hold whatever value i stop at.

If i use my android tablet it works fine with wifi as well as bluetooth so i assume it’s a issue with realdash and the way it handles comms on ios

is this an iOS issue or can a solution be found in a later realdash update?

I can do some tests on iOS for this. We are just about to release 2.3.3 and unfortunately this will not fit into that one.

I appreciate that. This would be very helpful for those of us who use their phone for a dash because if it’s connected via wifi it stops the cellular connection so we can either listen to music and receive txt messages or we can be connected to realdash

with BT it will all work

As BLE OBD2 adapters seem to work fine on iOS, so I’m not expecting that there is something fundamental broken on iOS Bluetooth implementation.

I remember that some MeatPi adapters had firmware bug that caused sending of CAN frames from RealDash to the bus to fail. It was quite a long time ago, but its worth checking that you have latest firmware in your MeatPi Bluetooth device.

I actually spoke with Ali from meatpi first and he said he doesn’t see anything wrong on his end. even with newest firmware it’s a no go. he suggested to check with you.

sending frames on ble does work with android devices just not with ios

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