CAN XML with 3 bytes

There is a CAN message i would like to read.
It only contains 3 bytes as follows: " x0150 ab cd ef"
Could you help me with an example of how to add this to the CAN xml?
I am also unable to view this in the CAN Monitor. Is there a setting i need to change?

First you have to get this data visible on CAN Monitor. What adapter you are using? Not all of them support <8 CAN frame bytes.

I am using ScanTool OBDLink SX USB (red cable).
Setting in garage is “Can Adapter → OBD Can”

Found it. There is a bug in OBD CAN parser that does not process any frames with less than 4 bytes. Will be fixed for next release.

Thank you very much. Any idea of when the next release would be?

It may take until next week, I can build a test version (Android) for you. Email me if interested.

I attempted to email you, but its in my outbox instead of sent (not sure what i am doing wrong). Email contained the following.

No rush on this, i would love a test version.
Do you know when the next windows version would be released, or when a test version will be ready?

Next release is targeted to 16th or 23rd of September. Email to and I will provide a link to test version.