Can you combine gauges? Arc to straight design

I have a gauge design that utilizes an sharp arc in the beginning and straight towards the end, taking design notes from the new FL5 Civic Type R.

To get the arching part to look correct with the pie split of the Arc gauge feature, I had to split the gauge into two separate pieces, making a hidden circle and mirroring a hidden duplicate to center the PNG correctly.

That worked good, and I used a bar gauge for the remainder. Arc gauge goes from 0 to 3.2k, then bar gauge 3.2k to redline. The issue I have now is startup sweep treats these as two separate gauges so they sweep individually from start to end rather than by RPM.

Or, is there a better way for me to implement this type of design as a one piece while still having it follow the path?

You could disable the startup sweep for those gauges. Another option is to use single, tall bar gauge with ‘stencil’ image on top of that, but then it would fill only from left to right and looks a bit odd at low RPM.