CANBUS Buttons?

Is it possible to create CANBUS buttons on the RealDash App. I am wanting to have a digital button to turn my launch control on I’m running an ECU Masters EMU Black

Sure, you can read/write CAN keyboards the same way as any CAN device. You just need to know the CAN frames structure and provide a XML file for RealDash.

Are there any type of instructions or guides on how to configure this. I have the CAN ID and frame?

Thank you in advance

Here are the full specs of the RealDash CAN protocol:

If your CAN keyboard is something that is commonly available, I can write the XML for you and add it to default files. For that, I need your CAN device frame descriptions.

I found these ID’s from a compatible CAN Keyboard that I think I can use for what I am trying to do.
Parameter Default vale
CAN Speed 500kbps
CAN IDs 0x195 (BASE), 0x215 (LED), 0x615 (RCV), 0x715(STATUS)

If I am thinking about correctly, I should be able to use these ID’s to create buttons inside RealDash that I could then map to CAN input switches in my ECU software

I think the best way to get started is to use CAN adapter to connect your keyboard to RealDash, and use RealDash CAN Monitor feature to see what CAN frames are coming thru and how values change when you press buttons on the keyboard. That way you can pretty quickly map the values in CAN frames how they correspond to the buttons.