Cannot Assign New Coordinates to New Boss Items

I’m using realdash on an Android head unit installed into the gauge cluster, and I have to move things around on the screen so they are not blocked by the steering wheel. I’ve successfully modified 3 or 4 other screens (mkv is my most used) but I’m having some trouble with new boss on the block. My typical method is to highlight each object one at a time from the left panel and assign new coordinates via the keyboard. Trying to move objects by dragging is problematic because it is hard to get exact alignment and things are often hidden by other objects. The issue I’m having with new boss is some objects (not all) will not accept new coordinates from the keyboard. If I delete 449 and type in 229, it just changes back to 449. Is there some lock option that I’ve overlooked?

I’m working with an iPad Pro (2019). Below is a list of points that are giving me problems.

Round rpm arc
Round rpm needle
Round speed arc
Round speed values
Round speed needle
Boost arc negative
Boost arc positive
Boost needle
Coolant arc
Coolant needle round
Fuel level arc
Fuel level needle round

The problem is that the animations are scripted into the dash file and animations define a start and end point for the gauge when animation is triggered. As we do not publish the animation files (the source code) of the premium dashes, its very difficult to modify them in a way that changes the locations of animated gauges.