Cannot connect to elm

I had purchased the app Realdash but it will not connect to my ECU. It connects to the OBD adopter but won’t connect to the ECU. On my previous app it will connect via protocol ISO 14230-4 KWP (5 baud init 0x8113F1, 9.6 kbaud).

I already sent the log file on or about 1400h Feb. 19, 2024 Philippine Time.

From the debug log:

19.2.2024, 14:13:25.248: OBD2: Send: atdpn
19.2.2024, 14:13:25.291: OBD2: Receive(42ms): A0

19.2.2024, 14:13:25.291: OBD2: Received protocol info: 0
19.2.2024, 14:13:25.291: OBD2: Send: 0100
19.2.2024, 14:13:31.161: OBD2: Receive(5871ms): UNABLE TO CONNECT


Your vehicle is not responding to PID 0100 which is for asking the pid support. It seems like your adapter is not able to detect the protocol automatically.

Use the OBD2 monitor to check that on which protocol your vehicle responds to 0100 command.