Cannot launch another application through RealDash


I am pretty confused with that. When I am creating a buttong a set as an action to launch another app I am asked to write package’s name (of other’s app I suppose)

How do I find that easily (on a non-routed tablet/phone)?

What ever I right there …it gives me error when I press the button or sometimes (when I write exactly the name of the app as it is on the google play) it gives me a message me that i need a proper browser to view this content.

Alternatively I am trying to set my button as “Minimize App” with the intention to minimize RealDash (so I can move to other apps throuh mu home page) …but still it asks for a package name. Would be nice if there was an action to minimize straight away RealDash? …Or to have an easier option to choose which other app you would like to open when you are inside RealDash…

Or even a “Recent Apps” action …That would do the job as well.

Right now when I am in RealDash in full screen I am really confused on how to open some other app that I would like (like a certain music player …or googlemaps etc)

On Android, only way to launch other apps is using its package name. For most common apps you can quite easily find the package names by searching from Internet. For example, the gmail would be ‘’

Download the package name app from PM
And enjoy it! Any application installed on your android is supported for copying! Then just paste into RealDash and delete the unnecessary text! Everything is working! I use it myself …