Cannot load or import Car/settings

I have the DashBox hooked up to my 1958 BMW 502.
On my Galaxy Note I set up my car and tested it. It was working.
I saved/exported the car/settings. I sent them to my Andoid tablet that I plan to use in my car.
In ‘Garage’, I tried to import the setting but it does not work. No matter how many times I try I still shows the ‘Supercar’.

I then tried to load it through the ‘File’ menu under ‘Edit’. I tried Load and Import. Neither work.
How can I get it to load the file and then keep the file after the Android device is restarted?

The file I am trying to load is called: bmw502.rd


The .rd file is a dashboard file. Its loaded from Gallery->Recent Items->Load from file. Note that .rd file does not contain any vehicle settings, only the dashboard. To move vehicle settings, go to the Garage, press top left burger menu and export your settings. Then on other device use the import option on same menu.

That worked. Thank you!
I didn’t know there were two different types of files.


Thanks for this.

However the date format is not coming as Exported. If I set dd-mm-yyyy and export, while importing it comes as yyyy-mm-dd.

Ok, I will check this.

One more thing to check:

The Odometer and Trip (km) in Garage is also not reflecting in Windows when I export xml from Android and open in my laptop.