Cant connect to bluetooth

Before i start, 100% total noob to all this. Now question is I have an eletechsup BT22A16 16 channel bluetooth relay im tryin to connect to realdash and use as on/off toggles for headlights and such. It will show up as an availible device to connect, but never will. Ive spent hours reading what I could and watch just about every video there is but nothing. It will connect fairly easy with other arduino bluetooth apps so I know it does work and was hoping it would work with this one. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

This is a first time I hear of such device, so problem is that there is no support for such device in RealDash. In order to support Bluetooth devices, RealDash would need to know how to communicate with the device.

So is there a way to make it work with it or should I just proceed in making my own app to control it?

Sure, there is a way if communication protocol is publicly available. But if you are in hurry, your own app might be faster solution.