Can't download a saved dash, or maybe I just can't load it

I have created a dash on my laptop, It shows up in the My Dashes window on the Android, but I can’t get it to download to the Android in my car. When I click on the download button, nothing happens. It appears to be synchronized.

What am I doing wrong?

Here is a little more information: It shows up here:

But not here:

How do I get the RD file to my synchronized Garage files?

Dashboards do not appear in the Garage. The Garage holds:

  • Settings; imported/exported from RealDash Garage top right ‘burger’ menu.
  • Datalogs; Synced automatically from RealDash to MRD when new datalog is saved.
  • CAN; CAN XML files, uploaded from MRD, downloaded in RealDash CAN connection settings.
  • OBD2; Same as CAN, but for OBD2 XML files.

In order to download your dashboard in RealDash, first share it for yourself and it will then appear in RealDash->Gallery->Community