Cant see Bluetooth paired devices OBDII on Realdash

Hi Guys, brand new to Realdash and Im loving it so far, Im having a problem where realdash doesnt see my paired items in Bluetooth, this includes OBDII.

I have followed the instructions, My garage/connections/add/OBDII/Bluetooth, when I get here the screen is blank, there are no selections.
I have confirmed my tablet is connected to bluetooth and paired with OBDII and its showing OBDII in the connections. I confirm it connects to Torque and to CarWebGuru, and it all works properly connecting to realdash on other devices.
I have followed the advice and uninstalled/reinstalled realdash, but get the same thing over and over.
Ive tried to link via wifi but constantly get the display trying to connect to wifi. With no result.
Anyone experienced this, and have any suggestions what to try?
Any help gratefully accepted, it will be a real pity if I can use realdash to its full potential.

So list where you are supposed to select the paired Bluetooth device remains empty? This is a first time I hear of such a problem.

What Android device is this?

That is correct, it keeps scanning to find something but doesnt.

The tablet is an intergrated unit,

No manufacturer name
Model no S07
Android version 4.4.4_21042016
MCU version MTCB-YM-V2.84
CPU ARM Cortex-A9

Obviously there is something wrong, but it would be next to impossible for me to attempt fix without the exactly the same device to duplicate the problem. Maybe you can try:

  • Unpair your Bluetooth device
  • Disable device Bluetooth
  • Make a full cold restart for your Android device, disconnect battery if mounted permanently
  • Boot and enable Bluetooth
  • Pair your Bluetooth device

Then try again. On some 4.x Android I have had to do that sequence after Bluetooth has gone unresponsive.

Great, thanks I will give that a go.

Got it working, had to replace the old unit that bluetooth was no longer working.
Thanks for your help