Celsius displaying temp as a Fahrenheit value

Hi, I’m a new RealDash user with a Megasquirt 3 engine management system. I’m located in Australia and using the metric system. When I setup RealDash to use Celsius, I’m seeing some strange values.

The dashboard water and air temp gauges displays the temperature units as Celsius however the numerical value seems to be in Fahrenheit.

It seems to be a bug, let mw know your thoughts

I will take a look. Meanwhile, please try if the option ‘Incoming Temperature Units’ in Connection settings makes any difference.

Hi, I’ve looked around in the settings and wasn’t able to see where the Incoming Temperature Units’ in Connection settings live I’m sorry. The settings screen showing the metric unit selection is shown here:


The setting I’m referring to is in Megasquirt connection settings:

  • Go to the Garage, open vehicle door and tap the instrument cluster
  • On the list, tap your Megasquirt connection.
  • Change the setting with ‘Incoming Temperature Units’

This setting is for Megasquirt because it does not tell in its serial protocol which units are used. All temp values can come in as Celsius or Fahrenheit.


Thanks for pointing me at the setting. The ‘Incoming Temperature Units’ are Celsius. These two links show the setting screen, and the temperature data showing it’s about 70 degrees Celsius apparently



Did you try changing the Megasquirt ‘Incoming temperature units’ to ‘Fahrenheit’ if that solves the problem?

Thanks, I changed the incoming temperature units to Fahrenheit and the water and air temp are both giving sensible readings in Celsius now. I don’t have any info on how the data transfer from the ECU is happening, though this seems a little counter intuitive. Thanks for helping!

I still need to look into the gear ratio figures so the gear display will work correctly. I’m using the same ratios as setup in tuner studio