When selecting an object in the editor, it would be incredibly useful to mark the center of the selected area with a simple cross. It would be great to help locate the desired object where it should be.

This is doable, will add to feature request list.

Edit: Will be in 1.7.2.

Thank you

I want to ask you to fix the function in the “horizontal alignment” editor.
At the moment, if we have two selected objects at the edges, and they are centered horizontally, then they will both stand next to each other in the center. What actually knocks all the markup.
Why not fix this feature and make the two objects center horizontally, while preserving the dimensions between them?
I hope you’ve explained it clearly

Artyom. I’m against! Since you are not interpreting this function correctly.
In this context, the function looks like this:
Horizontal Center — Align Horizontal
Vertical Center — Align Vertical

What would we say about the same thing, I attach a sketch of what is now and what I would like. If I’m missing something, please explain.
The bottom picture, this is how I would like to end up. In the center - as it turns out now