Change Dashboard with a trigger

Hi everybody how are you?

I am using the application as a dedicated dashboard on a motorcycle, when there is a lot of sun in the day it is difficult to see the dashboard on some occasions, I managed to improve this problem a lot by modifying the colors of the dashboard, by using a white background.

Right now, I have 2 dashboard designs, one white for the day and the original one for the night.

Is it possible with a trigger or some other means to switch between dashboard designs?
for example, after 6:00 pm use the black color design

Thank you very much, I hope you understand me, my English is not very good

Create a second page. Transfer your 2nd design to the 2nd page.
control the trigger by switching pages.
In actions there is a mode of “Night mode”
Set the NiGHT MODE ON time on your device …

Hello, thanks for the answer, how can I put the design on the other page? with the import option in the file section I can’t put the other design I don’t know why, is there any other way?

Thank you!

try using copy / paste, this should work.
in edit mode:
ctrl A => ctrl C => another page => ctrl V
or through the context menu, copy and paste.

Of course it wouldn’t be bad if Jani would add a color inversion action

Thanks for your help, indeed I did it this way, I still have to test the trigger configuration, if I need help I will be asked in this topic.

Thank you!